MAIA Rigenera S.r.l

MAIA Rigenera S.r.l.

Important Operator in the Organic Waste Recovery Sector in Puglia

MAIA Rigenera S.r.l

Maia Rigenera is a major operator in the sector of recovery of organic waste in Puglia. It was established at the end of 2016 to acquire the Bioecoagrim composting plant in Lucera, owned by the Montagano Group, to convert it to Anaerobic Digestion and Biomethane production.

Tons waste input177.681177.681+0%
Tons of waste pretretment OFMEW disposed c/o discharge45.48520.582-55%
Saving on ecological taxation1.174.422€531.527€-54.75%
Tons od percolates disposed of in other plants35.0000-100%
Compost product46.69022.780-51%
Biomethane produces [t/year]07.828+100%
Weight loss of waste evaporated info the atmosphere during the composting cycle71.35623.436-67,2%
Emissiions in the atmosphere [m3/h]544.715345.151-36,6%
Olfactometry emissions [U.O e/sec.]45.39320.090-55,7%
Vehicular [for trucks]4332-26%

Maia Rigenera project consists of modification of a waste treatment process to the existing aerobic composting plant, transformed into anaerobic digestion plant, with high quality biomethane and compost production, certified by the Italian Composting Consortium.

New sections will be implemented for:

  • Pretreatment
  • Anaerobic digestion
  • Upgrading from biogas to biomethane
  • Water treatment and purification

The plant process, therefore, will include the integrated treatment of waste in anaerobic digestion and aerobic post-composting for the recovery of raw material and energy.

The existing works and plants will exclusively deal with the digestate produced by the anaerobic section, in addition to the green mowing and the wood purchased as a structuring agent.