Mechanical Systems

According to the highest quality standards,the company interprets customers’ needs turning ideas into complete and effi cient installations. Technicians from Solarfotonica, thanks to the continuous updating on cutting-edge and regulatory techniques, are able to provide a high-value consultancy, intended on giving priority to energy saving aspects and plant’s ecology, limiting air emissions.


  • Thermal power stations at hot or superheated water
  • Thermal power stations on steam
  • Thermal power stations on diathermic oil
  • Conventional heating systems in the fl oor and ceiling
  • Systems with thermal highly effi cient solar panels
  • Radiation systems (or radiant tubes)
  • Equipment for manufacturing sanitary hot water
  • District heating plants


  • Cooling plants with refrigeration units
  • Conventional fl oor cooling systems
  • District cooling Systems
  • Systems of “solar cooling” with high effi cient solar panels and absorption units
  • VRF Variable refrigerant fl ow systems
  • Refrigeration equipment for industrial or special processes


  • Domestic, industrial and hospital air treatment
  • Systems for air extraction
  • Systems for industrial dusts suction
  • Air fi ltration systems
  • Conditioning systems in soundproof rooms


  • Installations for distribution of methane gas and LPG
  • Installations for distribution of special medical gases or for processing
  • Systems for compressed air production and distribution
  • Fire-fi ghting equipment


  • Plumbing for sanitary
  • For industrial processes
  • Sewers