Solarfotonica designs and builds plants for production of biogas and biomethane powered by OFMSW. Thanks to the experience gained in two of the largest plants in Italy and the plant owned in the province of Foggia “Maia Rigenera” (192,000  tons / year), Biowaste technology boasts a truck record among the most important at national level on the treatment and enhancement plants of OFMSW.


  • OFMSW pretreatment line suitable for minimization of the overs
  • OFMSW squeezing system, elimination of paper and plastic materials
  • Maximum energy production fromdigestion of organic matter
  • Use of BIOWASTE digesters against the deposit of aggregates and scum formations
  • Purification of the liquid fraction of the digestate to discharge onto surface water body
  • Low electrical and thermal consumption
  • Fully developed insourcing technology


  • Pretreatment of the OFMSW:
    – bag opener
    – dynamic screening
    – magnetic separator of metals
    – seed squeezer
    – loading tank with desanding and dilution
  • Anaerobic digestion:
    – BIOWASTE type single stage digesters
    – cold digester
  • Separation and purification of the liquid fraction:
    – Helicoidal and centrifugal separators
    – Plant for biological purification with optional membrane section and evaporation for the reduction of the concentrate and discharge into surface waters or sewerage systems
  • Composting of the solid fraction of the digestate mixed with green
  • Odor treatment line
  • Energy section given by the use of biogas to generate
    – biomethane for motor vehicles or entered into the national grid
    – electricity
    – heat

How it is made?