Poultry manure power plant

Solarfotonica designs and builds plants for the production of biomethane and biogas powers by poultry manure alloing livestock companies to eliminate it directly within their own farm turning it into a resource.


  • Reduction of storage and transport costs of farmed poultry manure
  • Improvement and stabilisation of produced digestate
  • Nitrogen treatment and its recovery as fertilizer to be reused on the farm or marketed
  • Drastic odour emissions reduction.


  • Load Tank with sand settler
  • Loading solid feeder
  • Anaerobic digestion plant developed in steel verified by a special sand removal system
  • Emergency flare
  • Solid/liquid separator storage
  • The upgrading system
  • Methane cogenerator
  • Solid/liquid separator and its storage
  • Nitrogen abatement system.

How it is made