Vision and Strategy


We believe that innovative solutions for water and energy are the key to building cleaner environment and better future. For this reason, we are driven to constant improvement, to the implementation of ever new technological solutions, and to continuous research and development. For more sustainable future and for better energy we design, build, and manage plants dedicated to:

  • Water
  • Energy

We commit ourselves every day to help build a better world, combining the useful and the well done, in the spirit of the Italian engineering tradition inspired by our values:

We build plants that last over time. With them we promote sustainable development for the current and the future generations.

Excellency of implementation
We believe in expertise and well-done work that exceeds customer expectations.

We respect people, diversity, the environment.


Our goal is to effectively solve every customer’s problem by offering cutting-edge solutions with the best quality-price trade-off.

Customized solutions
BIOWASTE, through in-depth preliminary studies, identifies the most suitable proposals for the specific needs of each client.

Reduction of investment costs
By proposing high quality solutions and technological content at competitive costs. Choosing processes and interventions tailored to the customer’s needs, so they can obtain the required efficiency at the minimum cost of management and plant.

Reduction of management costs
By identifying and intervening in the causes of inefficiency; by implementing control and automations on critical and expensive operations; by limiting energy consumption and raw materials.

Overall responsibility
BIOWASTE maintains global responsibility for the solutions designed, providing executive engineering or turnkey systems, from pilot tests to commissioning and management, with complete and continuous assistance.

Highly qualified assistance
A specialized team works to maintain the highest levels of functionality and efficiency of the systems built.