Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater Treatment

Solarfotonica designs, builds and manages treatment, valorization and recovery plants for process water and industrial waste water.

The main market segments we are targeting are mainly the agri-food and beverage industry, paper and paperboard production, glass production industry, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, galvanic industry, mechanical and iron and steel.

We are involved in the development and design of technological plants for high polluting applications such as the treatment and concentration of landfill leachate and the treatment of digestate from anaerobic digestion plants.

In our portfolio, we have relevant experience in the implementation of the following treatment processes:

  • Wastewater and industrial effluent treatment processes:
  • Biological activated sludge CSRT
  • Biological activated sludge SBR
  • Biological activated sludge with use of submerged membranes or side-stream (MBR)
  • Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR)
  • Up-Flow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket (UASB)
  • Continuous, batch and/or chemical-physical
  • Wastewater treatment and recovery for irrigated and industrial reuse
  • Evaporation and concentration at mechanical recompression and/or hot water.

Primary water treatment and process processes:

  • sand, carbon and resin filtration under pressure or gravity
  • desalination and potabilization of sea water with energy recovery
  • potabilization for the reduction of iron, manganese, arsenic, ammonia, hydrogen sulphide, turbidity, suspended solids, etc.
  • filtration and concentration for PFAS reduction
  • ion exchange by demineralisation and softening
  • Membrane filtration (ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, nanofiltration)
  • Production of ultrapure water
  • Disinfection and advanced oxidation process (AOP)

Special industrial effluent treatment processes:

  • Treatment and concentration of landfill leachate
  • Treatment of effluents from anaerobic digestion (F.O.R.S.U. agricultural and industrial waste)

Solarfotonica water treatment plants are equipped with complete instrumentation for real-time, remotely controlled allowing of the main process parameters.
They can be fully automated and remotely controlled allowing real-time response and optimized operating cost savings.